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The Situation Room Launched Globally

In 2019 Team Up Events was proud to launch a business simulation-based event called The Situation Room in New Zealand. Designed and developed by our very own Managing Director Stu Robertson, the program was an instant hit. The program delivers key learning outcomes for clients based on Agile Ways of Working, Situational Leadership, and Cross-Functional Communication. Fast forward 12 months and The Situation Room Launched Globally is receiving rave reviews from partners and participants alike.

The Situation Room Launched Globally

The first Situation Room Event was delivered in Bali in February 2019 by Team Up Events for an international client and there has been no looking back since. It is now available in over 70 countries around the world exclusively through the Catalyst Global Team Building Network. The event has tapped into on-trend business outcomes and provided a point of difference in a market where new and original concepts are becoming increasingly difficult to design.

In the Situation Room, teams will be challenged to think strategically and apply agile ways of working in order to link the right people and information at the right time. As a result, participants will develop an understanding and appreciation of the important role that cross-functional communication plays in situational leadership and high performance under pressure. 

Delivered over a 90-minute duration from start to finish, the event features 60 minutes of “gameplay” with rolling video updates and countdown timers setting the scene.  From here the event moves into a unique team evaluation and group debrief component to discuss key takeaways from the event which could then be transferred back into the workplace.

Positioned as an event that will engage, excite, and most importantly challenge your delegates, The Situation Room is the perfect activity to for those looking to spark new ways of thinking and accelerate the development process for your team.

For more information about The Situation Room, or to book your next team event, contact one of our offices today on 0800 TEAM UP!

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